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How We Began

Considering her differently-abled son's future after high school, Sharon M. envisioned a job that would allow him to experience success, be productive, and utilize his computer and organizational skills.  Boxes of sentimental trophies in the garage inspired the thought of refurbished awards, and Mark tested the idea by working with the parts.  Research into the engraving industry showed that most engravers were computer-driven and easy to learn. Discovering that friends had stashes of past awards, she recognized the vast opportunity for collecting, sorting and reusing the parts and adding new ones available through suppliers.  She saw an awards and engraving business to employ other skilled people who have marketable skills and also disabilities.  So began Revived Glory Awards in 2013.

Our Mis​sion

​​​​​At Revived Glory Awards, our mission is simple - to produce high-quality awards and gifts while providing meaningful work for people with disabilities so that they may succeed in living as independently as possible.